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You do not know why frosted cinnamon rolls call your name from behind glass bakery counters, or I can’t stop to consume about the leftover pizza in the kitchen just a few yards from my desk. But though I can able say to myself that everything has its limits. Please try to understand why you overeat, as it is more useful to figure out how to keep yourself from doing it.

A food diary is a confession, where you can tell the truth about eating half a pizza for breakfast because you know when you are lying, then diary cannot be able to give you a picture about what you are eating. If  you had a hard time to  recall  what I had eaten by the end of each day just keep record in a note book and whenever get time please try to jot down to your diary. Just after one month of recording all to your food diary, you drop five pounds. It helps you out to lose your body weight this way.

A new study by Kaiser Permanente in the August issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine confirms  that  Keeping a food diary is an effective way to keep track of the number of calories, carbohydrates, proteins fats, vitamins, minerals etc that you are consuming every day. You can also jot down your frequency of exercise, any intolerance of any foods, food allergies etc. By doing this you can lose your weight. Food diary is considered as a weight loss tips.

Your food diary works by following way-

  1. Very simple
  2. Show you what you eat
  3. Show you what you need to eat
  4. Keep track

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