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A food diary template is a diet journal, where you can write about all record of what you have eaten and drunk over a period of time , you also include at what time you consume your foods, how much portion you eat. You can also keep a record about nutrient contents of your foods frequency of exercise. Your food diary template also show you that which food you eat to cope your emotional stress. Food diary or food journal helps you out by giving weight loss tips.

In your food diary template has space for 3 meals and 3 snacks. You can jot down about  the snacks, in snacks cells, which you ate between meals with what you have such as coffee e or soda. You can also leave blank if you do not have any snacks. Additionally you can track your water intake and exercise for the day, mood.

For example if we think that you are having following meals-

  1. Breakfast=Egg white- 5 whole, Bread- 1 slice, Apple- 1 medium.
  2. Midday snacks= Juice- 1 glass
  3. Lunch= Grilled Tuna 4ounce, Salad- 1 plate, Brown rice -1/2 cup.
  4. Afternoon snack=   Dry fruits- 100 g
  5. Evening snacks= Grapes 1 bowl
  6. Dinner =Chicken -6 ounce, , Salad- 1 bowl
  7. You are drinking 1to 2 liter water.

Now  you can put all your records in a table with date and day, and additionally you can put your about you mood as well.  At last you can jot down your day review.

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