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A food journal is an excellent way to keep record  of everything that you are  eating. By keeping a food journal, you can understand what you’re eating regularly, figure out what foods you should avoid from your diet , additionally you can find out how many calories you intake regularly and help yourself to consume a balanced diet. There’s a good chance for  you. If you are, keeping a food diary, it will help you to eat better in the future once you realize what you can cut from your diet and what you should eat, and what you should not eat.

You can jot down following things in your food diary, which can help you by giving a weight loss tips

(1)Nutrient data

To jot down nutrient data you may face some difficulties but do not be worried you can get the nutritional data information from book or internet.

(2)Meal time

If it is your not habit to see the time at the time of having any meal, then you may suffer to keep record, but do not be worried just develop it as your habit.

(3)Location and companies

When you are in party, or with any of your friends, or having meal while watching T.V., then you may forget to write down about all foods that you ate, but please do not forget, please try to do this for your better health.


To cope your emotional stress, when you are consuming foods, then please try to jot down that. You may forget that due to emotional stress, but please do that for your better health.

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