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Some person’s food addiction started when he/she was very young, at about 7 or 6 years old. On that time as he/she did not get enough company as his/her mom and dad are very busy for their office work. To overcome the loneliness they consume some food such as cake, pastry etc. It is not only a childhood problem; some people have this (food addiction) habit from the age of 25 onwards.

Due to office stress or any other depression due to break up with boy friend or divorce with husband or may be any other cause you want to consume some foods such as pizza, pasta etc, to overcome this depression or stress. In any party you may not think about the portion of food that you are going to consume, as you are addicted with foods.

Do not be worried you can overcome this situation. Just please follow the following weight loss tips

  1. Consume smaller portion
  2. Please try to control your appetite
  3. Please try to develop a habit of exercise
  4. In any party please try to consume fruits and vegetables

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