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You can be able to lose weight that way, depending how long you are walking and as well as your intensity of walking is also play an important role. Only walking cannot help you to lose weight, you have to change your diet also. You can consider “Walking” as a weight loss tips. By walking you can lose your body weight at least 20 pounds for many reasons. Walking is a most enjoyable technique. It is acceptable by all people. Walking is also a safest form of exercise.

There is no denying that physical activity, such as walking, is important for weight control. If you can give25minutes for walking from your daily routine, you could burn about 160 more calories a day. But I am requesting you please do not start walking fast in order to lose weight.

If walking is not your habit, then do not be worried. Just keep in mind as your main target. I know you can do this, but please do not increase your frequency very soon.

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