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You are thinking how you can able to lose our weight. You do not think too much weight loss is not good for your health, not only that you do not want to consume enough food for you better health. Food gives us energy to survive (heart beat, breath). Different persons need different portions of food. You may think by consuming very low portions of food, you can lose your body weight. Additionally you do not want to think the drawback of this. As we do not get our daily need nutrients from that food, so our body may suffer from different diseases.

I am requesting you please stop thinking of lose weight very fast. Just develop a habit to consume a balanced diet. Your body needs fuel to survive and the source of that fuel is food.

Please try to follow the following rules for losing weight as a weight loss tips

  1. Please consume fewer amounts of foods
  2. Please consume carbohydrate wisely
  3. Please try to consume a good protein
  4. Cut calorie

May you are hurry to lose weight, but please do not lose your weight very fast. If you want more information then please  try to read “Rules of weight loss