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A food diary is a diet journal, which is very useful among us. We can consider this food journal as a weight loss tips. In food diary you can write what you are eating, when and with whom you  consume your foods. Additionally you can jot down about how much portion you eat. You can also record about whether you are consuming a balanced diet or not. Food diary also keeps a record that did you eat any food to overcome your emotional condition. You also record that you are drinking such as beverages, coffee, soda. intake. Your food diary also give you information about frequency of exercise and time also. It is a great tool for everybody.

In order to lose weight and for your better health I am requesting you please try to keep a food diary. There are several reason that for keeping food diary-

(1)Food diary will show you what you eat

(2) Food Diary Can Help You Lose Weight

(3)Food Diary Can Help You Plan Out Meals

(4)Food Diary Will Show You What You Need To Eat

Please just buy a note book and jot down what you are eating , try to read that so that you can understand that what should you do or what should not you do.

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