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Do you find drinking water almost effortless? Definitely when one is thirsty, he does not hesitate to drink. But what happens when you desire to lose weight and have water as your aid? It maybe a cup of tea to others while some find it a task. Since water already has proven benefits, what are the ways to benefit more of it?

First, make it a morning ritual. Drinking water first thing in the morning replenishes the body’s water loss during a night’s sleep. Second, have a water bottle with you always. By constantly having a water bottle with you, you drink instead of eat everytime you have ‘snack attacks.’ Third, drink a glass of water before every meal. Since water is a good appetite-suppressant, by drink water, you regulate your food intake. Fourth, have water breaks instead. During breaks, people prefer to drink coffee or softdrinks. But if done on a regular basis, this might only add unnecessary calories to your body.

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