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To keep an accurate food diary it is important to be Honest, as we know that honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to keeping an effective food diary. Food diary is a good supporting device for weight loss. In your food diary you can keep record  that what you are eating and drinking. You can jot down not only every times, it should be every day, every month, every year. May this task discourage  you, but please  try to keep record for year.

Keeping an accurate food diary is the most important step for you specially  when you are can take toward developing a lifestyle that leads to long-term success.

Please try to have an honest view of your current habits as  it is  the key to finding the way  to rectify your lifestyle. As keeping food diary is a great weight loss tips, so accuracy is most important at the time of jot down all information in your diary.

You can keep your food diary accurate by following way-

  • (1)Record everything
  • (2)Keep paper and pen or phone with you
  • (3) Read nutrition level
  • (4) Put your frequency of exercise
  • (5)Know your serving size
  • (6)Note down ingredients of your foods

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